Journal: Beginning healthy habits

Blew off the cobwebs and inflated the tires on my bike today. Guess that suggests how long its been. Took a short ride of a little over a mile. Felt good to sweat. Setup MyFitnessPal on my phone. Time to pull off the 15 – 20 extra pounds I’ve ignored for too long. My doctor would like to see 50, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever see my high school weight again. One goal at a time.

Smoking is next. I inhale nearly a pack and a half a day now. Might be too much to tackle two big goals at the same time. Cold turkey is out. Don’t want to use drugs. Vaping is out; don’t want to replace one addiction for another. So I’m thinking I’ll start by not smoking in the car anymore. Driving is where I smoke the most anyway. Not an easy task, but I’ll suck on breath mints or something.

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