Here’s the Thing

There were promises made to me yesterday, but the teasing before dinner left me unsatisfied. Honestly, it did not live up to my expectations. It’s been a long, long, long dry spell so my hopes and expectations were sky high. In the end, no real payoff. It was just… meh.

Now, don’t think me unappreciative or ungrateful for what there was because those moments are always special. It’s always appreciated, it’s always fun, but when you’re promised the extraordinary you want the extraordinary. Put up or shut up, I say. You expect some kind of climax. Still, is it ever bad really, am I right?

All that changed later.

Early this morning around 2:30, it finally happened. Finally found some satisfaction. Honestly, and I know how this sounds, but I think I deserved it after going without for so long.

Woke up to it, actually. Guess she could not wait to get things going, lol! It was a nice surprise. I admit that. After so long, I’d take whatever I could get. Wouldn’t mind repeating the entire experience again tonight.

I did miss all ‘build up’  because I was asleep, though I woke up pretty quickly. That’s not something you easily sleep through. So, I’m not sure what interesting bits I missed, but the wet was already flowing when I woke up. In a way, I appreciate not being woken up until the real action started. The initial stuff is great, but it’s kind of the same thing every time. It’s predictable. The best is when the real action starts. Let’s be honest, the real action is what you remember. Well, the best, maybe most important, moment is the ‘ohhhh yeahhhh’. That’s what you look forward to. I had one!

Let me tell you, I’m talking a serious pounding, if you’ll forgive the vernacular.   Ya know, sometimes there’s no emotion involved at all. It’s wham, bam ,thank you ma’am  and that’s it. Not the case this time. Quite emotional. I’d even go as far to say it was a spiritual experience.

A quickie, sure, but still worth the time involved.I mean, I basically laid   there in bed and enjoyed it.  It was over nearly as soon as it started, but it really left an impression on me and I was really, really happy to experience it.  A couple of times my body nearly fell out of the bed. I kid you not. Almost fell right to the floor! I couldn’t even hear my own gasps over all the noise. Much better than the last couple of times too, though I hardly remember them now.

For as great as it was, I had some concerns. It was so intense it was actually scary at times. Even scared my dog who was right beside me the entire time. Laugh! It was so wild at some points I really worried there might be some damage done in a few places. You know, literally tear some stuff up, but the neighbors didn’t call the police and there was never a need for an ambulance or first aid which is always good news. All ended well.

It was over after my particularly dramatic ‘oh yeah’.  I rolled over, calmed the dog down, gave it a quick moments thought and went back to sleep. I woke up well rested and refreshed despite, or maybe because of, the early morning hi-jinks.

I know I’m making a big deal out of this. I know, statistically, its happens a million times all over the world. I understand that; I do. Still, even knowing that, kudos to mother nature for one hell of a slamming intense thunderstorm! Well done!!

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