Wordplay: Once Upon a Turntable


Once upon a turntable a little man, Jay , walking beside himself pirouetted from his red tape for a tête-à-tête in  Destiny’s orifice though he was quite Johnny come lately for his pm appointment. Destiny being the stern, fickle type cast intolerance of tardiness had gone to lunch.  The little man having missed Destiny’s call  was unamused. It seemed path a logical to him that if Donald Trump could buy New York a piece at a time then beachly he could buy some peace as wellington. He sat down on a lone parked ranger to collect his thoughts and a few coins. Tired and confused he headed for the next paragraph.


Meanwhile, two social types whose signs were Pisces and Virgo with moons bylining, escaped their parrallel ograms to meet for a drink and a future. They became strictly in love bound to happen before the pm train whistle. Their social calendar became bookmarked well into the next chapter and their appointment with Destiny was soon confirmed by a Senate subcommittee studying the effects of enlightenment on the eyes.

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