Dialogue: Conversate

Alyssa: We need to conversate about something.

Reginald: Can’t do it.

Alyssa: Why?

Reginald: Conversate is not a word.

Alyssa: Irregardless, we need to talk.

Reginald: Irregardless is not a word either.

Alyssa: Aint nobody asking for an English lesson.

Reginald: Aint aint a word because aint aint in the dictionary. Chuckle.  Also, your use of a double negative suggests you do want an English lesson.

Alyssa: Look, I could care less about this.

Reginald: Could you care less? Then you do care at some level.

Alyssa: Ok, firstly, I’m not trying to hear that.

Reginald: Firstly, also not a word. Neither is secondly, or thirdly.

Alyssa: Look, are you going to be a participator in this conversation or not?

Reginald: Participator is not a word. Participant is a word.

Alyssa: You got me so mad I have to orientate myself back to a good mood so I don’t slap you.

Reginald: Guess what? Orientate is not a word. Orient, however, is a word.

Alyssa: Ok, as a preventative measure I’m going to walk away so I don’t kill you.

Reginald: Perhaps a preventive measure. No such thing as a preventative measure.

Alyssa: What?

Reginald: Preventative, not a word.

Alyssa: Forget it. I do not want to have a conversation with you anymore.

Reginald: What were we just doing?

Alyssa: We were not having an exchange of views on matters of mutual interest.

Reginald: No?

Alyssa: No.

Reginald:  No.

Alyssa: You don’t realize that your atypical behavior exacerbated an already precarious situation that otherwise, with a certain discretion, and minimal courtesy could have been resolved  amicably and with dispatch.  The direct result of said behavior being  we  did not explore the issues between us in a constructive and respectful manner to pave way toward resolution thus strengthening and extending our relationship.

Reginald: No?

Alyssa: No.

Reginald: Then what?

Alyssa: We were breaking up. We just don’t communicate. Goodbye.

Reginald:Did not see that coming.

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