Dialogue: What Are You Doing Today?

Bobbie: So what are you doing today?

Miles: Me. Well, it’s open. Don’t really plan. Seat of the pants. Live for the moment. Spontaneity is the spice of life. You?

Bobbie: Me? I’m going to a hockey game in Virginia. Going to be a great game. Couple hour drive, but worth it.

Miles: Really? Virginia. Yeah. Great state. Wonderful state. Been there many times. Many, many times. You should go.

Bobbie: I am going.

Miles: Great. Go. Good for you. I’ve got that prize that I won. That money prize. I may go out to spend that today. Might do that. It’s been burning a hole in my pocket, so I might need some new pants. Laugh.

Bobbie: What prize money? I don’t remember any prize money.

Miles: Yeah, you do. Sure. From Top Mart.

Bobbie: That wasn’t a prize. That was a gift certificate you got as a points reward.

Miles: Right. Well, yeah. Earned it. Even better than winning. Winning it is luck. Earning it is hard work. Hard work is so important in life. Very important indeed.

Bobbie: Sure. Great.

Miles: So I’m going to spend that. Invest in the economy. Very important. Going to do my civic duty. Doing my civic duty. Going to invest in the economy today, but that Virginia trip sounds great. Sounds good, too. Of course, you’re hurting the environment with all that gas you’ll be burning. Releasing all that CO2 into the air. So, I’m going to invest in the economy and you’re destroying the environment. Priorities really, I suppose. Very important in life, priorities. Shows what kind of person you are, really.

Bobbie: How much was that gift certificate?

Miles: How much? Oh well, ten dollars, but you’re missing the point. Every little bit into the economy helps right now. Every bit. Gotta do your part. Have to do it. Patriotic. That’s what it is. Patriotic. If everyone came together to spend ten dollars today then the stock market would go up, the economy would boom, people would have jobs. I think it’s helpful. So I’m doing my part. Being part of something bigger than me. Selfless, really, is what it is. I’m a uniter not a divider. No adversarial process here like at a hockey game. Just people coming together for the betterment of our society.

Bobbie: So just to be clear. I’m going to a hockey game in Virginia and you are going three miles up the road to shop.

Miles: Sure, but you’re missing the point. You, hockey game. Couple hours of fun. Certainly. I’m all for fun. Like to have fun. I’m a fun guy in its place at the right time. Me, shopping as you put it, which is a bit of a laugh really, is long term. Long term investing in our country.

Bobbie: You know it’s going to take more than ten dollars in gas for me to drive there and back.

Miles: Sure. Destruction of the environment. CO2. We covered that. Ginseng for you. Sneer.

Bobbie: The tickets themselves are more than ten dollars.

Miles: Exorbitant. So overpriced. Racketeering really. Organized crime.

Bobbie: And I’ll buy food at the stadium. Again, more than ten dollars.

Miles: Yeah, but it’s so bad for you, isn’t it. All that cholesterol blocking your arteries. Heart attack waiting to happen.

Bobbie: And I’ll spend more than ten dollars on souvenirs.

Miles: Waste. Such waste. Trinkets, really. Overpriced trinkets.

Bobbie: So, I’ll be investing more into the economy than you will today.

Miles: Well, you’re taking your money out of the local economy. Not spending that money here at home. That t-shirt isn’t going to help an orphan or a homeless person down the street.

Bobbie: You want to come don’t you?

Miles: Yeah, thanks for asking. Let’s go. Don’t want to be late. Being late is rude. Don’t want to be rude. Have to stop at an ATM first. Withdraw some money. Need money to spend. There’s this bobblehead I want. Hilarious! Oh! I hope they have funnel cake.  Maybe I should take my car to the ATM. Yeah. Taking my own car to get money. I’ll grab a burger too while I’m out. Hungry. Meet you back here in 10 minutes.

Bobbie: Oh crap.

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