Dialogue: Fish Market Fantasy

MARK: You missed a great ladies only night last night at “The Fish Market”.

STRATTEN: If it’s ladies only how did you get in? Maybe there’s a side to you I don’t want to know about.

MARK: So the Fish Market hosted a male revue last night.

STRATTEN: There are things about you I don’t know.

MARK: Shut up and listen. So I arrive around midnight. I figure that the strip show has the women horny and the drinks have them loose.

STRATTEN: Is this almost over, because I really don’t have to indulge your macho fantasies?

MARK: It gets better. So, I’ve just parked, still sitting in my car,  and walking toward me is one of the most beautiful, gorgeous and sexy women I’ve ever seen.

STRATTEN: Gorgeous and beautiful. You should be a writer. I can hear the reviews now. Mark Stolds propensity toward redundancy is needlessly repetitive, but give him credit because no one does redundancy like Mark Stolds. Mark Stolds knows redundancy, repetition, verbosity, recurrence.

MARK: She licked my window.

STRATTEN: I don’t understand. Is that a euphemism or some vernacular with which I’m not familiar?

MARK: She literally licked my car window.

STRATTEN: Just your type of woman. She does windows.

MARK: I got me some!

STRATTEN: Of course, you did.

MARK: Right there in my car. I didn’t have to pay the cover or buy her drinks, or breakfast. Nothing.

STRATTEN: And I missed what? My sense of voyeurism isn’t that developed.

MARK: If you had come with me…

STRATTEN: Careful how you phrase this.

MARK: We could have double dog tag teamed her.

STRATTEN: You’re my best friend, but I really have to get back to reality now.

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