Journal: Behind Undead Bastards

If I’m being completely honest with you, these posts are more than reflecting back on a great project that, at this point, no one will see. The next project “Mime Over Matter” is soon to ramp up (fingers crossed): script done, casting begun. I’ll be behind the camera for the Mime. I’m hoping to blog through the production and post production of Mime, so these are also a bit of a dry run.

So here’s a look behind the scenes of “Undead Bastards”


Cleaned up this photo of Matthew a bit. Lost count of the number of time the camera operator was nearly run over.


There I am again toward the resolution of the third act still on guard for zombies in the house. Only reason this photo is here is vanity 🙂 Flashback moment: Matthew, my son, is off screen making faces at me!


This zombie (Crystalia Hampton) was trapped in a closet I unwittingly opened. Crystalia is, apparently, a method actor. The ensuing fight scene was a real fight. She pulled no punches. She is strong! After the fifth take, we were both exhausted.

Flashback moment: After Crystalia jumps me causing us to crash to the floor (where soft pillows awaiting our landing), cameras stopped, and pillows were removed to setup the actual fight scene. I’m laying on the floor with legs splayed from the fall. Crystalia is sitting on top of me just above my knee. So my right leg is between her legs. She says to me “Am I sitting on your..”zombie blush”.  I assured her she was, thanked her (zombie blush), then laughed as I showed her the particularly hard thing she felt was a gun in my pocket.


We’ve just entered this house and are looking for zombies. Flashback moment: This scene took 27 takes or so as each one of us would flub a line or miss a cue. This easily could have melted down the set into frustration, but it never did. We all laughed at each other then set for the next take. What a GREAT cast!


Even a zombie needs a break. I call this one “Puff Puff, I don’t care, it can’t block me anymore”.


On a break from shooting. The zombie actors showing their love for director Christopher Hall.


This is a very important scene to my character Hank. Bridgette Wallace (Jenn, my daughter in the film), That’s my real son Matthew (Zack, not my son in the film) off camera.


Matthew takes the camera to frame the shot for this scene. That’s Alec Graham on his knees and director Christopher Hall with the rifle. This scene took some time as we didn’t want to really bash Alec’s head with a rifle butt. Flashback moment: We, indeed, did not bash Alec’s head with a rifle butt, much to his gratitude.


Zombie selfie!


Matthew becoming his character Zack.


And it’s a wrap!

9 thoughts on “Journal: Behind Undead Bastards

  1. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Oh it is, well okay then. lol

    This was really fun to see this side of you and what is you do. Thanks for sharing Jeffrey and looking forward to learning more about your next project. 🙂

  2. That looks like it was a blast doing, I think it’s important to reflect back on a great project, fuck it, if no one will see it. You’ve got some great memories – and more ahead I suspect. Go for it! Harlon

    1. Thanks Harlon. You’re right. This experience is a great memory for two reasons: 1. It was a blast to do with some great people 2. It immediately pulled me out of a severe creative block.

  3. Love it! Thanks for the glimpse.
    I love the puff puff wrote,amongst other things.
    And look Mime 🙂
    Great post,Jeffrey.

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