The Scattering of Wind


Pixelated scapegoats wrapped in dotted raincoats
rattle bits of whitethroat
spewing fractured hard knocks draped in fragmentary dreams

Sing in sprinkled pretense a holly jolly defense
to corrugated halfwits
They’re drinking decaf coffee stirred into whole cream
Blending  the dream

Smell the mold on the bacon frying on the train.
Soiled on the apron a pig plays on the stage.

Climbing avalanches to polyester antics
snow crest rolling panic
Spinning concrete shallops built to sail on flat moonbeams

Skipping over flat cracks filled with weeping face plaque
dropping crumbs from stale snacks
Leaving raindrop trails descending to the cold dead sea
Wet at the knees

Peel away the abstract  to taste the bitter root
Split out from the henpecked to suck a juicy prude

Existential concepts beget a passive egg sack
cleave  through yellow precepts
playing random classics soaked  in penny royal tea

Crush of steaming brimstone shining like a wishbone
a dark placebo syndrome
A tattered wink from green eyed beasts thrashing utopian dreams
Now lost in the sea

A shock to the system oils the refrain
Split the inhibition, the flow is now the game

Photo – Mine

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