Rebellious Bloom

Stand with your reflection
Against a howling wind
Stare lock kneed in your direction
When you know where you’ve been
Don’t say ok, or lose your way, when you know who you are
Keep your face, don’t fade away, when your raising the bar

See a thousand faces
Who all play the part
March lockstep in cliched praises
with no beat in their heart
Blended dreams in folding seams airbrushed in old salt
Then on the beat they stomp their feet as they start their assault

And you scream “Hey, what did you say
I can’t hear you from the howling mob
No time to be discrete
Cause I’ll stand true when chaos looms
I will swell to a rebellious bloom.”

Cast the longest shadow
Like storm clouds in heat
From canyons to the plateaus
Let them follow your lead
Don’t clone your day or steal your way as you write your own part
No shades of grey, don’t throw away, the chance to be who you are

Run with your expectations
As you light up the street
Project your own elation
When you cross the down beat
Face the dream, and make a scene when you lead the vanguard
See the change, there is no shame, when you’re living your heart

And then scream “Hey, what did I say
I stood firm against the howling mob
And I found my own way
I stood true against the chaos plume
I became my own rebellious bloom”

Photo – mine
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17 thoughts on “Rebellious Bloom

  1. To be who you be..
    despite tempo of garish night
    tamed bewitching of arithmetic fingers of purple maple trees
    reaching like Jasmine vines..
    through desolate debauched hollow of sultry eves..
    These cries
    these howls
    of mobs beseeched
    and you
    stand tall..resolute..
    thriving in crack of rusted rails
    in shadowed cemetery yards
    of trains derailed
    distant hums
    and clouds of caerulean plumes
    my love..
    my rebellious bloom..

    So beautiful your words..
    you inspire always πŸ˜™πŸ’œ

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