Micro: January 2016 Collection

Imagine “Yes”

A faithless man must see the proof until he understands
the proof is in believing what is known and not perceived.

The warmth of your touch as I turn to kiss you the first time today.

Your sweet scent on my breath as I exhale a sleepy morning.

The purr of your moans are the braille for my fingers trail.

Who will chronicle what we’ve done
of every battle we have won
if we loose the final conflict
one for all or one to one
scorch the earth or burn the sun

Good intentions purchase no time
For your epitaph we scribe
Sleep soundly this night
Pariah or Messiah
Judgement comes at first light

She his
Her gift
His honor

Compliments that go badly: You are the first thought of my morning and the last thought of my night. In between, I’m quite busy.

Bead within a stubborn spirit filled full with luminous eyes
so ones sight receives the beatitude beamed without

“Crossing a line”
their echoed refrain
while we true to our love
secure in our trust
gladly erased their line

Your every chapter I master
To know your fear, your joy
Bind them closed, set aflame
A new book we write
A blank page I claim

Romanticize a fairytale past
Standing still
or turn a hopeful future
Still standing
A choice between nowhere and everywhere

We breathe in
We breathe out
We always breathe together

The brave light did cradle open the gate to pass,
not into nothingness
but to freedoms joy.
Goodnight, sweet one.
The gates left are mine.


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