Micro: Feb 2016 Collection

That intimate moment of surrender
silences reality
radiates the metronome rhythm of inspiration
singing the enthusiastic desires of the soul

Where love exists
All things are possible

When your hands rumple the night
I hear symphonies play eternity

When life gropes my anxious breast
When life gleams her golden dream
My spirit rises from stiff knees

My spirit rises again
to your sweet breath
with eyes burning bright
and a new life dawned

I stepped over cracks
Wished upon a star
Said a prayer or two
Or three
But nature takes its own course
And tomorrow is not a promise

Dreams comfort impatient memories
vexing the wakened mind
Find comfort from hope inspired
Draw from your slumber

Bead into humanized pine
where mathematical smoke
reaches calmer leaves

Dormant wood split golden blooms
between garden and sophisticated soliloquy

I tweet therefore I am?

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