Travish William: The Bluest Blues

Quas Photography

7714362482_e9e5d0d802_o“When the love of your life walks out forever, some people cry, some people beg, and some people lose hope. I did all of that, but when good-bye isn’t enough I write a bluest blues record to go on the record”Travish William said is a recent interview.

The painful side of love, the grip of being hopeless, and the soul crushing experience of loss are all over this album as Travish William redefines the blues genre.

All new songs including:
1. The Bluest Blues
2. Quoting Shakespeare
3. Face in the Wind
4. An Ounce of Redemption
5. Blind Man in the Rain
6. Ashes to Ashes
7. Feeling the Memories
8. All I Want is You
9. Hope Dreams Only Lament
10. Once in a Lifetime
11. When Goodbye Isn’t Enough

The New York Caricature said “Travish William documents his suffering then sells it as art”.

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