Three Steps Back

Every word I say
seems to go another way
I try to make you feel not make you think

My words are lost in meaning
The truth burns through the ceiling
Out of eyesight and out of reach

Every gift I give
you wonder why it is
I’m trying to show love not to buy it

But nothing is sufficient
It’s all met with suspicion
Token trinkets donโ€™t mean a thing

When I read between the lines there’s only spaces
When I try to feel your mood there’s only faces
When I show you love I only break us
No steps forward three steps back

Even when we’re closer
there’s never a disclosure
I want to hold you but you’re not there

And when I cross the distance
There’s only blind resistance
We lost the hope that made us real

Does it even matter
As all the pieces shatter
This scattered mess cuts soul and bone

But loss is now our standard
Each day one more surrender
Out of hoping and out of time

Photo: Hyperphysical Restoration by me.
Three Steps Backย by Jeffrey A. Boyer
(All rights reserved)

In my head I hear Bruce Springsteen singing this one.

13 thoughts on “Three Steps Back

  1. “Any idiot can write,”my professor would say,”but Storytelling an art..word to canvas.
    Reek in joy,sadness,fantasy,love lust slashed your vein of colours and strike bold the readers heart. Strike true or don’t waste their time..or yours.”
    As always,lovely dear๐Ÿ’‹

  2. Yes,*smiles* I had hard, mean, brilliant ,tough, sarcastic and beautiful teachers..I miss them.
    But when I see writing that strikes my is as if they are beside me, still.
    And I thankful for you,darling..
    for keeping us all breathing,deeply.

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