Wide Open Nowhere

Thoughts slip through the shifting sand
They falter as they slither passed
A lit canteen of angel dust
Burned bright before this age of rust

Flickering then slowly tamed
Oblivious to counter claims
The magistrate that finally came
Dimmed the eternal flame

Stranded in the wide open
With fields of pasture still sowed in.
Where dull blades toil in the rough
Of dry rain weather barbered scruff

Broad intentions float vague hints
In subtle gusts of cold headwind
That rattle off a weathered flint
Won’t crumble dusty old footprints

Ash of memories waned threadbare
Now suffocate in musty dares
They list without a stewards hand
Returned to dust between the sand
To fill the wide open nowhere land …

Complete listing of Poem/Lyrics on the Poem/Lyric Page.


Photo: Existential Earache
and composition: Wide Open Nowhere by Jeffrey A. Boyer
All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “Wide Open Nowhere

  1. Beautifully haunting..this,darling.
    Absolutely love.
    ..a vague veil of lost..
    once stirred..now settled..
    though hint of gently blown..
    a kiss,now reawakened 💋

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