3 thoughts on “With Jaded Eye — Quas Photography

  1. oooh! I love this! wow You are very talented. Amazing imagery
    The eyelash curler reminds me of that scene in a Clockwork Orange, but it’s not exactly an implement of brainwashing. It’s like she’s lost sight of her inner innocence and beauty. My interpretation… I love this.

    1. Thank you so much!
      Clockwork Orange is perfect. Nice observation. Although, the eyelash curler isn’t a brainwasher, as you said, it is a symbol of transition when too many lose sight of their inner innocence and beauty.
      Again, many thanks!

      1. actually, an eyelash curler has been my implement of torture many times. It is evil and a step up from false eye lashes in the book of vanity. ugh
        It was an inspiring reminder of what beauty truly means. Ty for sharing it.

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