Short: Emasculation P4 (End)

So Kim broke up with me to fuck my father. My father is not only great in bed but hung like porn star centaur. The goddess of a woman I traded fluids with is a prostitute who my father paid to seduce me because he thinks I might discover I’m homosexual while at the same time sleeping with my ex who only now feels like a real woman.

I have only one question. An extraordinarily important question whose answer could save this day.

She looks impatient.

Here goes. The all-important question. The salvaging of my dignity. I ask her how I am in bed.

She crinkles her face in deep thought. Very concentrated I think. She’s really thinking about it. Why does she have to think about it? She bobs her head from side to side, eyes to the ceiling searching for the right word.

How embarrassing. I’m about to receive adjudication on my sexual performance by a prostitute. Well, I guess she’d know. What am I thinking? This is horrible.

Finally she has an answer.

Concentrated is her word. Very concentrated; emphasis on the word very. She gives me points for effort, then offers to show me a few tricks. I have no interest to see photographs of her other patrons. Certainly not if one of them is my father.

I realize my failing when she recasts the word ‘tricks’ to ‘pointers’. She is not offering a photographic slideshow of her other patrons, but rather an introductory course in the fundamentals of carnal knowledge. Her hands referenced particular points of interest as her finger slips between my lips, then down to the area where her drink did not spill. She even offers an interactive demonstration so she can ‘finish’ suggesting it only fair since I did.

She faked her orgasm. She faked all three of them.

A buzzing emanating from inside her purse breaks the moment. Rifling through its contents pulling out condoms, makeup, pepper spray, feathers until she finds her phone. Her face glows with a smile as she reads text.

Round two quickly moves from sure thing to tentative with each piece of clothing returning her exquisite body to definitely not happening. Her attention has already left the room as she files the strewn contents of her purse back to their place. Since my father paid for this time, she feels no guilt about leaving me hanging. Turns out, he’s horny and is calling in the rest of the time. Kim has this fantasy about making her into a living chocolate sundae complete with whipped cream and cherries. A reverse therapist falls flat reminding her that our time is not up. Without thinking, I am putting my clothes back on even picking up an eyelash curler that fell to the floor. Suddenly, my little engine that could did not want to any longer.

There is nothing I can do, nothing I can say. The entirety of this magical night is an illusion predicated on a fantasy wrapped up in my father’s credit card. So I play the only card I have left. I offer to wait in her motel room until the sugarfest with my father is over.
She tells me it’s not her place. It’s more of a business expenses and I am expected to pay for the room, because she has to go home to wash her hair after the whole chocolate sundae thing is over.

Grabbing a pen and paper out of the motel desk drawer, she scribbles something on it before handing me the paper while pushing me out the door. There is a phone number on it with the name Jamie.

It occurs to me that I don’t know her name, so to have her name and phone number is quite encouraging and thrilling. I tell Jamie that I’ll call her later to get together. Her pace across the parking lot does not slow. She hollers back to me she’s not Jamie, but I should call the number because Jamie is down on her luck due to certain medical conditions and really needs the business.

She waves to a limo turning into the parking lot.

Every explicative lines my tongue, every hostile feeling conflagrant; every moment of every insult boiling my blood. This is the final straw. It is my time to have the final say in something. This is my moment. And so my final words to not Jamie before her legs swing into the backseat of the limo burst forth in thunderous explosions. I demand not Jamie say hello to dad and Kim for me, then go to the office to pay for the room.

The End

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