Played it safe east by south,
Vanilla taste like trench mouth
More a man in a mouse
So featureless

So estranged from myself
Too arranged on the shelf
Unwoven paste in its self
So colorless

Found my faith, shed my skin
Stood barefaced wouldn’t cringe
Found my voice on the fringe
I am vociferous

Cut the tie on the noose
Riding high on the loose
Unrestrained and amused
I am so rapturous

Standing tall for myself
breaking walls, raising hell
SnatchedΒ the world at the helm
Now I am dangerous

AndΒ I can always be

Photo The Did You Really Recycle That Shot Rorschach Nightmare Shot Which Was a Recycle of that shot The Summons Just To Make This Shot Shot?Β and composition by Jeffrey A. Boyer

(All rights reserved)

10 thoughts on “Dangerous

  1. Awesome, somewhat reminds me of a movie I just watched “beyond the black rainbow”. I did a little writing/art inspired by, so it must be on my mind. I really enjoyed this, again. thanks

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