Mystic Accordion Play


Memories come slipping through
lost turtle doves with fancy shoes
reclining inside winks of light
tangled in motley boxing kites

Swooning parcels winding through
a swell of red swayed slightly blue
with white lace bows so tall they hide
where bitter weed and spice collide

Inside muddy puddle holes
blank minstrels write from liquid scrolls
with yellow ink stained eyes half closed
grooming slip knotted words transposed

Lightning swells a listless glide
whirling still subtle prying tides
ebb flowing gray tumbleweed
rolling shadows painted moss of green

Cinders scatter in brisk wind
reveal an absent ember grin
ignites festive wild figure eights
blazing inside white open gates

Spirits dance familiar scenes
shadow-playΒ  on tattered silver screen
A call to arms charge second sight
blows mint air to mend torn light

Gathering pink petit fores
BemuseΒ  fates, onward they do pour
their joyous songs create new flow
for budding sprouts blooming this a rose

Complete list of work on the Poetry/Lyric page.

Photo Head in a CloudΒ by Jeffrey A Boyer
Composition ‘Mystic Accordion Play’ by Jeffrey A. Boyer with special thanks to Faith.
(Β© All Rights Reserved)

27 thoughts on “Mystic Accordion Play

  1. A coming through to reach ones own light/truths..

    So rich and full..every inch lovely, this, Jeffrey .

    Absolutely scrumptiousπŸ’Ÿxo

      1. It is absolutely riveting. πŸ’•You should be very happy with it and the message it conveys indeed,darling.😚

      1. That is worth everything Jeffrey. The kindest thing you could say. Hugs to you!!

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