Big Bad Bill


Big Bad Bill
slid down the hill
Rolling on a big fat green
He was an uptown talky
with a big fat cocky
And a little too much caffeine

Old Town Mazie
ran bat shit crazy
Staring Bill down toe to toe
She said “don’t step in
this den of sin
If you’ve nowhere to go

We don’t like kissing
No, I’m not kidding
Have you ever run the flow
If you’re willing
I’ll start the billing
Welcome to the show”

Big Bad Bill
stepped off the hill
Admiring the lawn
He said “I don’t throw stones
But I don’t mind groans
Let’s party till its dawn”

Old Town Mazie
thought Bill lazy
Dawn was but the start
She took his hand
his shake a wussy bland
But asked him for a card

Big Bad Bill flashed his squirt gun

Five times gravy
spilled on old Mazie
A pretty little mess she thought
But it’s not rain
Gotta block that drain
So she tied it in a knot

Big Bad Bill
Squealed high pitched hell
A melted vanilla bean
His will went limp
And he lost his pimp
His face turned blue moss green

Old town Mazie
Washed her daisies
Feeling minty fresh again
“Let’s have some fun
And really get ‘er done
Don’t leave me in suspense”

Big Bad Bill
Well, he ran like hell
To be first across the line
Up that hill
with his dullย pencil
And a little less hairline

Big Bad Bill was neither after all.

Complete collection on the Poem / Lyric page.

Photo “In the Middle of the End” and composition “Big Bad Bill” by Jeffrey A. Boyer

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