Micro: 2015 Part 1


Before the known even then familiar
Before our claim shaped this love
A small touch between us
Exposed you as already mine

a small touch
between melancholy lovers
delighted chained magnets

a small touch
between impossible flesh,
though charmingly nonchalant,
held promises of admiration

Within me came awake
the primordial instinct of my birthright
when once my love called me by name.

Your touch steals the thief in me

I am you
You are me
We are the prodigy love
so desired
but rarely achieved.

The crowded room is empty but for you.

If ever it’s you and me against the world, we win.

The me you see
is not new
or improved
not better
or renewed
The me you see
was always meant to be
the me always meant for you.

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