Micro: 2016 April Collection

Sunrise blooms red sunsets on a cloudy day
Rainfall seeds blue sky on greenway
Distant thunder always fails to sway
The light of our eternal flame

Between heaven and earth
are whispering leaves
behind powdery carnations
from which kindness begets kindness

sometimes falling leaves wait
for dallying fingers weary of watching
time dying unnatural deaths

Intoxicating pixie weed
stains baiting wind blown bitter seed
through lighthouse eyes
blinking lost blue sky
calling boastful perfumed chi

with my head bowed
beneath antique fancies of hope
i always remember honor

and i lost control
when she fell upon me
with golden wings playing
against my echoing memory

I blushed with exhibition
possible through exposed subtleties
never perfumed

Borders sometimes tremble with shadows
founded in vibrant lightning at midnight

Incurable execution
repeatedly studded with supernatural beings
suffered since the gutter willed teeth to chatter

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