Micro: 2015 Part 3

A dream is a wish with a vision.

Promises but cover
Cover but words
Words but walking away
Walking away but standing still
Standing still but looking back
Honor yesterday
live today

Sleep now my darling
Dream joyful tears of new hope
As I
awake to your needs,
Sing you lullabies of love

I felt your gleam beg for my touch
With loving respect I endowed your wish
to break the last twinkle of starry eyed resistance and be mine

While there’s life there is hope
When there’s hope there is love
While there’s love there can be peace
When there is peace there is living

Cant slow down
this potion of many poisons
fraught with cunning mischief
drown shipwrecks
and soaring colors ripe with hope

Richards roaringly ravenous rabidity
rapturously regaled
raw, rough riding, roadside rimming

Power to the people begins with the power of the people.

Avalanche of feces
congeal in bloated secrets
swelling to a heated beacon
cured to a demons nose
until it explodes.

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