Micro:2015 Part 2

In those bottomless moments
when you stare into that dark void
Know my eyes are the light
that will never let you fall

I am an angel without wings
a sail without wind
a fire without spark
an inspiration without passion
when absent from you.

The myriad passions you influence
draw upon me
shaping a complete devotion
to you
as if your bleeding soul
inks a tattoo on my heart


Your touch steals a turkish rose
from every passing smile
Let them admire
but be respectful
for I protect who is mine

The cringe of savage withdrawal
grinding my entirety
like I its abattoir
and your love my only rehab.

So flush your cheeks
the purr in your groan
your desire I knew
and I blushed your ass
a reminder
before your desire became my own

She climbed the avalanche of blue mountains
Skipped the cracks of concrete skin
Always smiling while walking on moonbeams

Once in a while you live once upon a time.

Every now and then you find a long time ago.

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