Ataxia Conflict

Intoxicating pixie weed
stains baiting windblown bitter seed
through lighthouse eyes blinking lost sky
calling out boastful perfumed dying chi

Sifting through stale cold air queue
Reflections casting thoughts palest blue
Familiar scenes spin roundabout
Dissolve in sight thunderclouds

Muddled banter dries to sand
Crumble into inert strand
Swirling in stormy plumes
Flying ash sprinkled dismal doom

Stepping back pace or two
Tripping over low ball shoes
With dandelion laced insoles
Tinkered thoughts meander once ingrown

Lights enamor flashing scenes
Across blank stares pitched wet with dreams
Endless sighs blown on and on
Over dry plane fake red setting sun

A pool of pearls swirl round and drown
The ebb the flow turned upside down
Lost rich delights once sugar silk spun
Winding down to count of one to none

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Photo ‘The Bigger Picture‘ and composition ‘Ataxia Conflict’ by Jeffrey A. Boyer

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