Dear God

Dear God
I know we don’t talk much anymore
These days are not what they were before
A space has grown and everything has changed
Oh dear Lord I hope you know my name

Dear God
I’ve forgotten how to talk to you
Could I say anything of real value
I’m hoping You will love me just the same
Oh dear Lord I’m calling out your name

Dear God
I’m sorry I so easily lost my way
When money, job, and thrills all ruled my day
Pretty soon the days turned into years
Oh dear Lord it’s you I once revered

Dear God
I only called to you in times of pain
Doubted you when days were all the same
Forgot you when I let my spirit roam
Oh dear Lord allow me to come home

Dear God
I feel you raise my spirit once again
Lift my heart to praise you with amen
Your love is never one to change
Oh dear Lord I know you know my name



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