Early Take: Round and Round

I’ve found some old journals which include early work of mine. I’m including some of them here, unaltered, as an ‘early take’. With this one, I include my commentary written at the time.

Round and round and round we go
Repeat, rewind,
Until the time when we will know

Break the circle, break the chain
Cross the bridges
through the walls and passed the pain

In the distance behind the light
Ivory towers
stand so tall but not so bright

It’s only after you get passed the ‘bright lights’ stage of anything that you can really judge it. Especially in relationships. So many people take the attitude that it’s pointless to work on a relationship when you can run right out a get another one.

They don’t realize that even if you find another one anywhere near the quality of the one you left that your still going to reach the same stumbling blocks in every relationship.

It’s how you deal with those stumbling blocks that determine whether you perpetuate the circle or break out of it into something more meaningful.



5 thoughts on “Early Take: Round and Round

  1. I’ve seen so many people divorce, then repeat the same mistakes in a new relationship. No one seems to want to work on keeping love and communication alive anymore.
    Lovely, insightful poem.

    1. I don’t know if it’s immediate need gratification or the disposable nature of society, but I see too many people stumble over the same hurdles again and again in a variety of relationships be they romantic, work, friends or whatever. Like you suggest, it takes work keep love and communication alive. That’s the key.

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