14932401910_c83e45343a_kI look at the trees
where I see
green leaves browning
and wonder should I stand still

I look for blue sky
hue and cry
dark clouds gathering
and wonder should I turn away

Where did the time go
when life lived so simple
Only flowers had pistils
ever aimed

Where did the days go
filled with every smile
Their glow would tile
every stay

I look to the field
now concealed
by tall weeds overrun
and wonder should I move on

I look in the home
that green dome
always leaking
and wonder should I fade away

When did our lives change
from years to minutes
Our only limits
were self imposed

When did the road turn
from countless hopes
to reflection
Direction a shadowed view

I look at the chair
with the wear
of gray seams fraying
and wonder what will remain

I look at the world
so unfurled
and ever changing
and wonder willย I convert too

Composition “Looking” and photo “Something Bekons

Complete list of poems here

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