Sassy Lassie Cassie

Here’s a little ditty 
that comes with datty 
of a spatty 
with a laddie 
who is so saddie 
as he lookie 
at the assie 
of the lassie 
Cassie the Sassy. 
His shabby, flabby assie 
is so scabby, gassy nasty 
he needs a baggy nappy
and Sassy Lassie Cassie 
goes ghastly 
brashy batty 
on his flashy
tatty chassis 
then gladly moves to Tallahassee 
The poor laddie 
visits Shaggy Maggie 
you know why
then Chatty Jackie 
for a fattie 
to make him a sappy 
happy lackey 
to which I say 
the end
and good day

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