Breath shortens to gained wisdom
Counting down lost time on blue streak rise
Searching for bliss gleaned from old surroundings
But still so easy for us to miss

Stuff piled in my closet
Old robes cover broken promises
Tossed in bags choked with gold and roses
Deposited in a merchants bin

Tide scuttles drawn horizons
Stealing grains of sand from every shore
Caught in gears unflinching spiral motion
Turning an ever faster wheel

Cold bites into my evening
Like dead pine from last years Christmas tree
I can feel each chill stabbing pins and needles
pressed out from a rolling mill

Dark comes in bits and pieces
Scattered through folding maps caught in each crease
Stub my toe on familiar islands
That are losing to a rising sea

Silence fills in my surroundings
Kicking lost keys on a floorboard further down
There’s a tapping sound coming from totems courtyard
An eyeless mime is writing my decree

One star gleaming from a distance
It’s shallow glow penetrates my periphery
I will not fear dark confining bleakness
For new light is calling upon me

Hear sweet cello play a brief kiss
It’s rhythm soothing my entire history
I feel new life coming from this rebirth
And peace has finally come to me

Complete list of poems/lyrics

Composition “Rise” and photo “Foggy Morning: Geese: Redux” by me.


15 thoughts on “Rise

    1. Thank you very much, Alisa. I very much appreciate it. I was just reading your “Just Perfect”, and that’s what I should have written in the comment!

  1. Astounding. I love how your poetry always makes me stop breathing for a few moments. Such elegant excellence. ❤

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