Phaphian Street

I tell you there’s a place you can be

Weaving wonders you crave to meet

Paint them large with your closed private eye

No need to be shy

Put four quarters on spit now

Wind someone’s little ball of yarn

It’s all down on Phaphian Street

Dip your star in this Venus flow

Buy lollipops to hang mistletoe

With pocket change wedged deep in some seat

It’s quite a treat

Roll over the beast with two backs now

Give someone a brand new green dress

Dance a jig on Phaphian Street

Pick and choose strange morsels to eat

Large or small, baked, whipped, or beat

Dumb gluttons get fed with a wink

Done in a blink

Choose between having your corn ground

Or making butter with your own tail

Shake it up on Phaphian Street

Find your feet when ever they go

Tug your way to another show

Come again on any day

It’s on your way

Hauling somebodies ashes

Shoot between water and wind

It’s all there on Phaphian Street

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