Early Take: Magical Fantasy

There’s a place I can go
when I’m feeling kind of low
and I need just to see a friendly face

It’s a place of fantasy
and it’s not too far away
so come along with me we’ll have some fun

Come along with me
on a magical fantasy
we’ll share all the stars together

When this world becomes a drag
We will pack a brand new bag
then cross the universe just for fun

So come along with me
let’s see what we can see
we’re going to cross this universe for freedom

Cause when all things seem alike
No more fingers in the dyke
We’ll give it all up for something new

Come along with me
on a magical fantasy
we’re going to cross this universe and have some fun

12 thoughts on “Early Take: Magical Fantasy

  1. 🙂 i love the playfulness here and how we all have the power and ability to go to exactly this place.

    on a side note, this made me think of the movie Across the Universe. have you ever seen it?

    1. I’ve heard of Across the Universe, and probably heard songs from it, but I’ve never seen the movie. Which is odd considering the Beatle fan I am.

      1. Here’s the thing. Someone actually burned a copy of it for me, but I never watched it. I’ll look for it. I wonder which box it’s in lol 🙂

      2. I finally saw it. Turns out, I’m not a fan of musicals, even when the entire soundtrack is Beatles. Props to Dana Fuchs giving great performances of the songs, especially: Why Don’t We Do It In The Road and Helter Skelter. Some very nice interpretations of other songs, and some well…not. Very cool filming style though some of the symbolism was lost on me. In the end, a love story and that’s ok. All and all I’m glad I watched it, but probably wouldn’t race back to it.

      3. it is not for everyone that is for sure. especially purists that aren’t fond of messing with original art… but for me I really appreciated how they were able to tell a story using song. still, i’m glad you gave it a watch. xo

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