Broken Man by Matt Anderson

you can’t take the home from a homeless man
you can’t take away his streets
you can’t threaten a man, with nothing to lose
or bruise him when he’s beat
you can’t take money from a poor man
or scare a man with no fear
you can’t shame a man with no pride
or force a stone to tears
what can you do to a broken man
what can you do to a broken man

you can’t cut a man who’s bleeding
you can’t push a man who’s down
you can’t starve a man who’s hungry
or loose him when he’s found
you can’t break a man who’s broken
or cheat a man who knows
or kill a dream that’s dead
and curse it when it goes
what can you do to a broken man
what can you do to a broken man

you can’t strip a man who’s naked
you can’t defend a man who’s lied
you can’t believe a man who’s lost
you can’t envy a man that’s cried
you can’t lift a man who’s risen
or teach a man that knows
you can’t fight a man who’s won
or heat a fire that burns
what can you do to a broken man
what can you do to a broken man

From the album: Something In Between

11 thoughts on “Broken Man by Matt Anderson

      1. I’m going to explore his other stuff too, going to check him out on iTunes as well, might buy an album.

        btw, I used one of your pics on Fliker in one of my latest poems, I hyperlinked it to a page that a size that you give as an option, would you prefer if I linked it directly to the photo with your name on it?

    1. I found this song to be the exception really. HIs stuff is good, but the other songs I’ve heard aren’t as profound as this one. Still, great artist!

      1. Yeah, me too; I bought the song on iTunes (but it’s better live on the video), the rest of his songs didn’t move me like this one, as you say, though: Still, great artist!

        Thanks for letting me know the way that I linked your image (which is fabulous) is fine with you. 🙂

      2. I bought it as well. I’ll keep listening hoping he explores the substance and emotion of that song.

        Thank you for the compliment of the photo. 🙂

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