In the space between our words
silent squalls have their chauffeur
constantly churning a stormy sea

Swells of mistrust crashing down
White cap vision while we drown
Something’s always blurring certainty

Sinking lifeboats winding tide
Pull us in where we collide
Closer once again then pulled away

Fight for air in undertow
Losing our will to stay afloat
Why are we always lost at sea

Take a chance to go ashore
With the trust to cut the chord
Let us see the water for the wave


No sooner had I finished You’re A Runner when the first three lines of Squalls came into my head. I  liked the lines, but knew what ever came after would say, essentially, the same things as Runner so I didn’t bother with it; until now.

One thought on “Squalls

  1. Re Squalls: You really capture the life and energy of its own.. I kept seeing he profile of a man left bottom of he pic. I liked “Let us see the water for the wave.”

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