Lemonade Girl


There’s a young girl tries to seed new pearls
An old soul twisting a blue spit curl
Sitting alone in a small front yard
Looking out

Her hopeful plan built a lemonade stand
For that single name on her wristband
Selling big cups with little hands
Because she cares

There’s no shade of grey in her naiveté
She feels great joy but knows deep pain
For a new friend she may never meet
Inspires her

Won’t love from fear or to scare us
Wants a cure not a circus
She’s not looking for stardom or fame
She may be few in years but her dreams
are not a game

Head shaven bald as a sign of love
Her spirit a fearless boxing glove
still nature’s gentle mourning dove
All in one

Kids at school always play the fool
Mocking is the bully’s favorite tool
She tries to live by the golden rule
but their jerks

She lives for loving she loves for heart
Lives to really do her part
Always believing that people are
loving too

Such a high as her cups run dry
First day everyone stops by
Cheering through words as they begin
to dismiss her

They can’t believe this special girl
thinks a quarter can change the world
She’ll grow out of it one day
I hope not though, and right now

She believes
So she speaks


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