The Long Short of Things


Walk inside four corners from outside our perfect circle
Turning back before we bisect those old triangles
Farsighted but living so close to slow
Searching for any room to grow
Here we were born and bred but looking up ahead
Now’s the time to go

In a short time from here we’ll be breathing bygones away
Living bucket minutes right outside western Death Valley
Can’t stop now we’re flying with the crow
Wandering between to and fro
Always come back again while moving out and in
Red from head to toe

We up our game downtown parking parallel on high streets
Walk this strange block maze looking for some public to meet
An old man searches for pocket change
Two sushi guys have lost their way
A bald headed gnome ringside, midnight jockey rides
A trained monkey at play

Around the next block there’s an old diner
A greasy spoon set on a timer
Take a turn among fresh cabbages
But avoid the  white rabbit
Crabs served with mallets
Then plant new parsnips

Stroll into bushy park wet your toes in hot spring rivers
Boaters paddle their wood through every misty sliver
Outboard motors make their call
Fishing lines hanging long or small
Groping each and every trout  while beyond any doubt
You can catch it all

Staked deep in soft wet ground pitched tents standing at attention
Some already zipped tight but no one is ever sleeping
Camp fire’s spotlight people in play
preparing for their strange buffet
Burning spicy beef hot dogs or playing strange leapfrog
S’mores aren’t far away

In an old corner store new owners sell plastic trinkets
To any drifting soul pushing through cash or debit
People pondering the unicorn
For a price less than their first born
Go take your turn again ’cause this sale never ends
Fly it to the moon

Let’s play this game of life without ever counting  a score
Step away from bent knees stuffed deep within our bottom drawer
It’s not enough for us to be two
We live in everything we do
Planting in the rain while growing our roots deep again
As long as it’s with you


Composition and photo Love Sonogram by me.

9 thoughts on “The Long Short of Things

  1. I wonder how many writing sessions you spent on this. There are so many different levels! I wonder if all your readers would agree what the “story line” is. Thought-provoking and well written!

    1. Thank you very much. This one took a much longer than average over several iterations. Luckily, it was quite fun. Not sure I could have stuffed one more in there 🙂 Thanks for reading and thanks for getting it!

    1. Thank you very much! I know I wrote it, but I really like this one for exactly what you mentioned. Each stanza is, kinda, it’s own story that tethers to a larger one. Sorry, for the delay in responding. Just found this marked as spam.

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