Early Take: Hey Mister

Hey Mister Snowman, do one thing for me
Take this burning heart of mine and chill it instantly
This fervent feeling deep inside now stabs incessantly
Fueled intense by my desire though unrequitedly

Hey Mother Nature, would you stop the rain
I’ve taken all I can stand of this soggy pain
It’s time to dry off all my wounds before a lasting stain
So help me wipe away for good this old foul smelling bain

Hey Mister Sandman, would you stop on by
Please use your magic pixie dust to close these eyes of mine
There’s too much darkness in the day it’s pushing out the night
It’s time to sleep perchance to dream living a better life

Hey Mister Human, I know you have a heart
Stopping this insanity means it’s time to play your part
So stock some sundries from your shelf into the selfless cart
Faith, hope, and charity are looking for a start

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