Sometimes people need to feel the mildly dewed grass of an open field between their toes to remind they are still a part of mother earth.

Put aside all the technology that separates someone from the soil. Walk away from the weather satellites separating one from nature. Turn away from soulless reports that deny the innate of instinct. 

Disassembling the mechanical fortress that imprison the primordial spirit comes first. No longer will the designers of the information age gainsay the timeless advice of nature. There can be no further rusting of the mortal coil by slothful ambivalence.

Copper maggots must no longer impale human impulses with electronic signals. Cold mummified bondage of character chipped away until warm fleshy tendrils stretch out. The spirit must fly free in unadulterated freedom bound only by infinite horizons.

Sometimes people have to be reminded what it means to be human.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. For a moment I thought that I was looking at his face from the front… wearing glasses, but on closer look I noticed the way his shoes were turned.. 🙂

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