Stage Walk


When I take a walk alone
you walk along with me
Clear summer skies beam your bright eyes
I see them constantly
When glowing sunlight feels so warm
against a loose cool breeze
Floats my mind to nights and days
we spent so tenderly

When you sleep so deep tonight
with covers to your chin
Dream memories in color schemes
to paint a vivid print
Cause yesterday still smells as sweet
if you but let it in
Tomorrow is another day
for us to begin

Days you sit along new shores
to dip your toes so deep
And when you brave small splashing waves
lapping around your knees
Recall those times we skinny dipped
that felt so naturally
Then stepping off and drying out
by eating Japanese

Who knows maybe one day
we will meet along that shore
With funnel cake and soda pop
to share and maybe more
We’ll tell our stories one by one
with a brand new music score
Then part our ways to other space
but leave an open door

I’ll always remember you
so please be kind to me
And cast aside those times we cried
that caused such misery
For good or bad you’ll always be
my one delivery
I smile now because I know
your in this world with me

Maybe we will never be
all we were before
Times all change and once out of range
become a hardened floor
But if but once you think of me
and bare the smallest grin
I’ll be grinning twice as wide
because you call me friend

Flickr photo Time Passages and
Composition Stage Walk by me.

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