Sound in the Distance

The Unsettled Doubt

One summer morning
in a breaking dawn
A young woman hears her name
from the man
who promised everything
and kept his word along the way

Unified and entwined
since their first kiss
and in everything they portray
True lovers sharing
naked mind, bare body
always with a moist breezeway

But tonight, red eyes
do not greet blue
Stiff lips cannot form their say
Many cups of courage
mixed within breath
do not ease a pensive frame

His mind still weaving
to knit soft words
though he practiced like gunplay
But his message
is delivered
when a single tear drew down his face

She can hear a bell toll in the distance
Feels her summer slip away

He finally spoke
in rhymes and metaphors
About a path to his seaway
No longer could there be
a single ocean
while warm rivers hold their sway

So many ports
are calling out right now
Too many to ever keep at bay
and it isn’t fair
to drop an anchor
with no sails for wind to play

He can hear the sound of tide in the distance
as flash floods pull him away

Silent on her stroll
each autumn morning
counting brown leaves blown astray
Maybe even crushing
more than one or two
She simply kicks all green away

So much time
in contemplation
Inspecting life in grave survey
Late sun shone warm
on her face each day
A cold gust blew that sun away

Dreaming of echoes
in paused reflection
is a fence without a gate
Maybe soon
she will build a fortress
Attached to a new causeway

And maybe
countless living color sounds
Will slowly shape damp mud clay
On that morning
comes redeemed freedom
But that won’t arrive for three more days

She can hear the sound of time in the distance
but timeless is her one doorway

13 thoughts on “Sound in the Distance

  1. I don’t know if there is another blogger that makes me really have to think the way you do. I’ll be returning to this piece a couple more times to absorb it fully.

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