You walked out
Ripped my life apart
Closed both my eyes to deny my heart
Fell through old floorboards
Cracked both my knees
Face down in mud of ashen debris

Nights pass by
Stars burning out
Left in the dark with nothing but doubt
Cold wind stinging
Rain picking scars
Snuffing each glint of light in new spark

Nightmares flash
Daydreams depart
Mind gone numb so battled and scarred
Limbs now sinking
Almost immersed
Trying to stand but still sinking in dirt

Sun came out
Still burns my skin
Eyes remain blurry to the yang and the yin
Flood not receding
Drown all my sighs
See Mr. Misery, he’s wearing black tie

Complete collection here.
Composition Misery and photo What Path Through Yonder Life Taken by me.

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