Then Still

Seen dark figures kidnap dreams
Tossed to cold places never green
Breaking things I thought would never break

Played dirty tricks  as their foreplay
Said things I could never say
Knowing things no one should ever know

Losing what I could never lose
Living the turn of changing views
Spent all the time I could ever spend

Pulled my strings in a puppet show
Silenced every single hello
Paid a price I thought I’d never pay

My bicycle chain lost to rust
These eyes blinded by pixie dust
Broken hands fell off the clock again

Oh, never once could I foresee
These feelings taking over me
Here I am, still, all I want is you

Composition Then Still and Photo In the Middle of Sleep Walking by me.

Complete collection here

4 thoughts on “Then Still

  1. This is a brilliant poem, Jeffrey.

    Interestingly, I just finished writing a poem about this very topic, however, the ending is different.


    A pirate penned me a song
    Its lure trembled my heart
    I’d seen this fiddle before
    The one whose bait catches
    Birds that know better but
    Don’t listen to their intuition

    I forgot his modus operandi

    A raven quietly watches
    Knowing pirates are sloppy
    Heart-thieves gather trophies
    Every one etched with the player’s
    Signature eyes wide shut tattoo
    Modus operandi candy-cane sincerity

    Sugar-sincerity eventually nauseates

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