Time to Breathe


Feels like we’ve been holding our breath
for a long, long time
Counting down a clock no one can see
Many sleepless nights in wonder
Every day concerned for you
Hoping for good news never to be
Grateful every day you still breathe

Every word the doctor said
punched your breath away
You didn’t know I could feel your pain
But you sat up straight and steeled your face
You did it all for us
Someone had to beat the odds some day
We were so afraid to exhale

Even now you make us smile
when you have some strength
Most days we can only watch you sleep
From your bed you care for us
As we care for you
One last thing you’re so intent to teach
So loving as you try to make us breathe

Late at night one day did come
Felt so very soon
We could hear your gasping breath so deep
Soon all pain released to peace
Did I see a smile
As you said hello to your dove’s cry
We weren’t ready yet to say goodbye

We love you more than words can say
You love us just the same
You taught us everything we need to know
Smiling in our memories
But life is not the same
We’ll remember  you every single day

I know I’m right in our beliefs
You’re in a better place
Know someone hears these words I pray
Missing you is easy
Accepting not the same
Though I know you’d say we must agree
Now is finally time for us to breathe

Dedicated to my mother who found peace on February 11, 2016.

7 thoughts on “Time to Breathe

  1. So moving. Absolutely beautiful
    It resonates to all of us who have lost those close to our hearts. 💖

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