Corner Guy

There’s a new man with a old plan
on the corner of a crowded street he stands
in sunny skies or rainy nights
but feels all alone

Small hands raise high touch eternal sky
Feels real strength blooming fresh banzai
flowing through time finally due
swells spirit roar

Hope fires high old stone in wet eyes
With the word of the good book by his side
Text and verse so well-rehearsed
It’s time to step up

Won’t preach from fear or in judgment
He’ll face both here but now unafraid
to tell deaf ears their life is a masquerade

He believes
so he speaks

Heard the word of God in a prison yard
Now speaking out certain of just cause
and so contends their once again
because he cares

Signed in time on the dotted line
Heard bright sounds from new wind chimes
Blowing through old sense of true
saving his soul

Feels real might of what is right
People laugh ‘go home and get a life’
His life won’t roam from one true home
Coming soon

Passing cars splash mud on his torn jeans
Passers-by find pubs for cold beer
He stands outside their club
Praying one day they’ll hear

He believes
so he speaks

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