Winter Sun


A winter sun so weak
casts only shadowless forms
Light without refraction
Settles in fresh cracks
along seasoned pathways

Lacking depth or substance
until recessed amongst deep scars
Wilting condensation
hiding behind shadows
until swift crossings blow

Dimly boosted, stirred so glaring
aback flexing angry wind
Scatter destinations
Crashing down weak shelters
suddenly undone

Cold sound in exclamations
creeping through, around weak frames
Defying settled borders
Twisting in jarred cadence
of some lost love song

Thinning over lost distance
surging gusts calm with low tide
Surface inhibitions
Struggle to defiance
caught in natures eye

A false calm creation
smolders in a lonesome void
Slumbering in silence
Reborn in starless night
of fated harvest moon

Composition ‘Winters Sun’ and photo Stormy Weather Friend by me.

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