Little White Dress


She came to me in a little white dress
one rainy afternoon
Splashing in puddles up and down the street
Singing her bright tune

Her boots to her thighs so she could wade in high
through this new wet land
Her hair dripping rainbows
moving like clock hands

She stared me down and hugged me twice
then noticed a new crease in my jeans
Looking me over from my head to my shoulders
Testing for humidity

Within her chorus spoke a misty forest
a place of true bliss
She painted me royal purple
then sealed me with a kiss

In a moment I lost all modern words
as I was overcome
I must admit I was a little uneasy
how quickly I’d come undone

But she thread the needle and made me equal
Speaking in progressive tense
Outlining every movement
to whitewash a picket fence

We spun together moving up and down
St Georges Avenue
from the bald headed gnome on tunnel patrol
Ending in a train caboose

We ran the course on an iron horse
Burning a Yule log
Then she walked off saying she had to go
See another man about his dog


Composition and photo A Moment are my own.

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