The Distance of Lore

I’ve been held up
I’ve been pushed down
I’ve been wrong
Still felt quite proud
Of all those times
As they were truly my own

I stood up tall
And I fell down
Spent time on heathens peak
and sacred ground
Through all those years
When I was more lost than found

And through it all
I found my saviors
From self help books
To women’s favors
Always believed
In each ‘this is it’

Yet, still I search
forever more
Yes, still I reach
for distant lore
Always deceived
By all the glitter that glows

I send my love
To those who see
Their eternal light
Is something real
In this dark world
Let your flame always shine on

7 thoughts on “The Distance of Lore

  1. do you think there is one for one? maybe it is many for one and each one is the one for only that moment? and that moment can be for some forever but for most it is just the moment… any way it is, i really liked this one. xoxo

    1. I’ve always wanted to believe that cupids arrow strikes once and all other were pale imitations. However, I’m not sure I’m such a romantic optimist anymore. From a very pragmatic standpoint there are not the same number of men an women in the world. So are there people out there destined to be alone? Geography makes it difficult to find ‘the one’. And if someone is not with ‘the one’ then someone else is denied.

      Given my own history it seems that there are people who influence you for the moment, helping to you grow. Sometimes for life, and sometime toward the next one.

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