Forgive me if I go off on an rant here.

I’m beginning to hear comparisons between the alt-right group at the center of the travesty, tragedy and terror in Charlottesville, Virginia and Black Lives Matter. Let me say categorically there is no comparison. None. Zero. Zip.

One group preaches exclusion. The other inclusion. One believes only certain people belong here in the United States. The other says every one should be afforded the same equality. One group I condemn. One group I support. Lest, you’re confused, Black Lives Matter is the latter.

You see, this society already knows that white lives matter. They always have in this society. This society already accepts that blue lives matter, though I’ve yet to meet anyone outside of the smurfs born blue (yes, I understand it’s a metaphor). This society already preaches that the lives of every color in the rainbow matter; except black.

Oh, society is good at talking the talk about true equality, but it certainly does not walk the walk. When a white man is shot society immediately questions if it was justified. Did he really deserve it? When a black man is shot, society wonders what he did, thus, by inference, he must have deserved it.

Remember, I’m saying society and not individual groups or individual people. There are good and bad in every group; every group. Except, perhaps, those groups who believe they are innately supreme to others like the one in Charlottesville. Still, if one can be taught to hate, perhaps one can be taught to live. So for you that have your backs in a hackle right now, I’m not painting everyone in a specific ethnicity, vocation, or religion with the same brush, unlike society as a whole.

To me, that’s what Black Lives Matters is saying. Don’t paint every black man and woman with the same soiled, and tainted brush. Every black man and every black woman of every age deserves the same consideration and the same justice and the same equality and the same chance as every one else.

So the next time you hear someone say black lives matter with another responding all lives matter, know they are saying the same thing.

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