You laugh at all of my jokes
though you shouldn’t
I’m just a regular guy
With a laugh in my stride
There’s a job nine to five
And those troubles we all come to know

You hear all of my days
And I’m happy
You deserve to know
From my times of defeat
To those dreams incomplete
But a life still full of much joy

You love with all of your heart
At least I think so
You’re so quiet at times
Then a turn of your head
Hints at something unsaid
Maybe there’s still so much more left inside

You can trust in me
All of your mysteries
I’m not going anywhere
Your secrets I’ll keep
in a heart that wells deep
There’s so much more I’d like to know

So tell me your stories of victory
Tell me your stories with pride
Every time you’d compete
Every challenge you beat
And the smile it brought from inside

And tell me your stories of lessons learned
They don’t need to endear
From those days full of strife
To the dreams that still grow ripe
And everything that brought you here

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