Seems reports surface everyday of a new success in cloning.  Scientists have cloned sheep, cows, and who knows what else is happening in the underground Petri dish in the name of science.  Scientists are obsessed with developing the ability to mass produce life via assembly line gestation. Even now, the tinkering of the human genome has scientists toasting their collective test tubes with excitement because they are closer and closer to cloning human beings.

Consider the advantages of this idea to the public generally, and the individual specifically.

Clone yourself while you’re healthy, then freeze that sucker. After which, you live life to the fullest. Drink until your liver drowns. Smoke until your lungs look like a chimney. Play sports until every joint in your body snaps. Resign every responsibility for your own health. When you need a transplant just thaw out your clone and instantly you have a donor for the new organ. After you recover just clone yourself again and resume the destructive process of living life to the fullest hyperextended dopamine rally in history with the comforting knowledge that you’ll always have spare parts.

Lonely or shy people suddenly have someone to talk to that understands them. Although, perhaps, the clone would be too shy to actually talk to you, so this may be a double edged sword.

While I’m on the idea of cloning yourself, I have a question. If you have sex with your own clone is that a homosexual act or masturbation?

Another question. Can I have a clone whose sole purpose is to hold my keys? I’m always loosing them.

Another idea. This one earns you income. Clone yourself twice. Put one on ice and sell the other one to medical research. Suddenly you don’t need rats, dogs, kittens, or mice to test on anymore. We all want to end animal testing, right? Done. Imagine the disease that could be cured. Let me extend that thought.  Find homeless people and pay them to clone themselves to donate to medical research.  After a while, you’ve ended homelessness too. Win.

Here’s a marketing idea to create an entirely new industry. Imagine if you could purchase a clone of your favorite porn star, or celebrity. Think of the revenue that would create. Think of the fantasies full-filled. Maybe not purchase. That’s too long. Probably cost prohibitive, too. Perhaps rent? Maybe tinker with the dna so the clone expires after a week to thirty days. Porn shops have exact replicas of these various celebrities bits and pieces now, so this is just taking that to the next logical extension.

How about this as a public safety measure? Clone certain segments of our population to perform certain tasks for us. The strongest could fight our wars. The poorest could perform menial labor. Send a clone to the coal mines. Send a clone on the fishing boats. Send a clone anywhere for anything. No more getting our hands dirty. Let a clone do it. An entire population of disposable people.

Oh, wait a minute. Did I say people? Now there’s a field of moral, philosophical and ethical questions to be addressed. Would it be ethical or moral to create a disposable society? Are clones human? If so, are they guaranteed the same rights, freedoms, and protection as the original? Can I abort my clone? Should a clone make as much money going into a job as me? If I want to have sex with a clone does no still mean no.

Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.  So on the issue on cloning a human being, the question for me isn’t can we do it, but why should we. To the latter question, I find no good reason. Don’t do it.  Don’t ever do it.

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