Art Reflecting

What Can I Do

I can see deep realize  
in every faithful naked eye  
but all I feel is people in need 

I can hear sweet melody  
reveal itself in keys of e 
but all I see are notes on a page  

What can I do 
to be like you  

What can I say  
to live your way 

Those around me swing and sway 
in spirit taken them away 
but all I know is under my feet 

Joined together arm in arm 
bond a loving human charm 
but all I touch is flesh from your hand 

What can I see 
to feel your need 

Where can I go 
to really know  

People bathed in water born 
holding strong through every storm 
but all I know is settled by chance 

Stand with you but on my own 
and for now this bird has flown 
still I wonder what can I do 

3 thoughts on “What Can I Do

    1. Many thanks for your comment. This came from me playing bass in a praise band at my brothers church. Though I sometimes feel I’m just playing notes, certainly compared to the other members, I’m still there. So is hope.

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